IPTV in the student houses (SiO)

IPTV is available in selected dorms: Sogn JPE 4-16, Bjerke and Vestgrensa2.

How does it work?

You should have 2 boxes, one white (Inteno) and one black (Motorola)

The white one should be connected to the wall outlet in the WAN socket.
The WAN light should blink yellow showing activity.

The LAN1 and LAN4 is for your computer(s) or wireless router.

The LAN2 is for the black (Motorola) box which should be connected to your TV.

The LAN3 is for IP phones, if you have one, connect it here.

We (Lynet Internett) can only help you to get your computer working on the net.

If you have problems receiving the TV signals you should contact the TV support (SNAP).

You could try resetting the white box:

Push the reset button with a sharp object (beside the power input) while connecting power and hold it until MGMT lights up. Then release reset and disconnect the power. Connect the power again and it is now starting from fresh.